We love wombats and there's no shortage of our furry friends up at Thousand Lakes Lodge.

Wombats found in Tasmania are the subspecies Vombatus ursinus tasmaniensis. Averaging at around 20 kg in weight, they are slightly smaller than their mainland relatives. Their lifespan in captivity is around 5 years but much longer in the wild. These marsupials breed mostly during winter with the female giving birth to a single young that lives in her pouch for the first six months and then remains with the mother for further year, leaving her before reaching sexual maturity at two years. Wombats are solitary, nocturnal animals and typically only come out from their burrows at night to forage for their food – plant material such as native grasses and shrubs. However, on cooler mornings or evenings you may be lucky enough to see a wombat out during the day.