MARCOS Ambrose isn’t thinking much about his old life in motor sport as he embarks on a new business life establishing a Tasmanian eco-friendly wilderness experience.

A story in the Launceston Examiner reveals that Ambrose, who announced his shock retirement from motor sport last year, is now project managing the rejuvenation of Bernacchi Lodge near Lake Augusta, in the scenic Central Highlands of his home state.
The Examiner story says the 10-bedroom lodge will be a base for guests to enjoy outdoor activities in the World Heritage Area.

Ambrose indicated he couldn’t be happier with his career change and said he found he was really missing Tasmania during his racing career.

Returning to Launceston, where he and his wife have family ties, was the priority for Marcos.
He told the Examiner his sudden retirement from racing in 2015 at the youngish age of 39 was a decision he did not regret, and was influenced by considering the realities of his profession.

“Having a family and having responsibilities certainly makes you think twice about going 350 kilometres an hour, five days a week,” Ambrose said.

“I just decided it was time, and I'd lost the motivation to compete.”
“For 10 years in NASCAR in America, I was either on an expressway, on a racetrack or in a jet flying around the country,” he said.

“It was a very fast-paced life and it was a very high-risk life,” Ambrose said although he missed parts of racing, especially the adrenalin rush, he firmly ruled out ever racing again on a professional level.

“Maybe I might have an alias … and go and race at Carrick [speedway] a few times,” he laughed.
Ambrose said he feels very invigorated by the new phase of his life, being part of the group breathing life into the old lodge.

The refurbishment is about six weeks from completion and the crew are racing to beat the first of the winter snowfalls.

Wife Sonja and daughters Adelaide, 8, and Tabitha, 10, are based in Launceston.

The lodge is a labour of love for Ambrose who like Casey Stoner is a very keen angler.

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