Spring is finally here and with it will follow Tasmania’s prime bushwalking weather.

The Walls of Jerusalem in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area has always been a top destination for hikers but after a particularly wild winter and some unfortunate flooding the main access road is closed indefinitely.

Not many people know is that the Walls of Jerusalem can still be reached through the Central Highlands. Access is via Lake Augusta Road, the same access road you take to reach Thousand Lakes Lodge.

  • Coming from the South, you take the Highland Lakes Road past Liawenee and turn off onto Lake Augusta Road.
  • Continuing past the Thousand Lakes Lodge the road turns left, follow this for approximately 10km. At the end of the road is a car park, which is on the southern side of Lake Ada where overnight parking is permitted.
  • There is a rough 4WD track that heads east for about 5km to a smaller car park however overnight parking is not allowed and the road is slow going so is best taken on foot.
  • The Talinah Lagoon Track continues from here past the Ada and Talinah Lagoons until the Lake Fanny Track takes its place and continues through the southern Christy's Creek area.
  • The track continues until it passes between the two Talleh Lagoons and into the Walls of Jerusalem National Park where the track eventually ends near Lake Fanny. Blogger, The Outdoor Type, accomplished the trip from the car park to Lake Fanny and back within the day, so this can be done as a day walk, or you can hike further into the national park.
  • From the end of the track, it is possible to continue South of Lake Fanny past Lakes Sonja and Solveig following the Pine River up to Lake Ball.
  • From here you can explore the national park. The Junction Lake Track will meet up with the Walls of Jerusalem Track and taking this track to the southwest will lead you to Mount Jerusalem. 

Things to keep in mind: This is Tasmania so the area can be subject to extreme weather conditions every month of the year. The area is a national park so a parks pass is a requirement and bushwalkers must follow the ‘Leave no Trace’ principles.

A 1:25,000 scale map, Walls of Jerusalem National Park, Map and Notes can be purchased from Parks and Wildlife Service although magnetic rock might affect your compass readings. There are no toilets, all water should be boiled before drinking and you will require a fuel stove for cooking, as fires cannot be lit within the park.

Thousand lakes Lodge - Walls of Jerusalem
Thousand lakes Lodge - Walls of Jerusalem
Thousand lakes Lodge - Walls of Jerusalem
Thousand lakes Lodge - Walls of Jerusalem
Thousand lakes Lodge - Walls of Jerusalem