The elaborate Bernacchi Lodge was built on Hydro land at Lake Augusta in 1980 at a cost of $425,000, to train and prepare Antarctic staff for their expeditions.  It was named after Louis Bernacchi, a Tasmanian who in 1899 was a member of the first party to spend a year in Antarctica.

From 1999 onwards, this former Antarctic Training Facility in the Central Highlands 12 km west of Liawenee, fell progressively into a state of disrepair. 

Today, the lodge is being repurposed as a premium alpine/wilderness lodge providing a warm and welcoming haven for those exploring this unique World Heritage area. Along with its redevelopment came a new name; Thousand Lakes Lodge.

The developers worked closely with all stakeholders within this region of the World Heritage area to ensure the protection and preservation of this unique landscape. The developers acutely sensitive to establishing a low impact, sensible redevelopment as they converted an old piece of Tasmanian infrastructure into a contemporary and historical Tasmanian experience.

The Lodge provides convenient and attractive accommodation services inside this unique wilderness area to become a base and safe haven for walkers, anglers, 4WD’ers, experience seekers and adventure seekers alike.