Sat 15th October 2016. We left Deloraine with plans to drive to the Lake Ada Car Park and walk to Talleh Lagoons, have lunch and return for a night at the recently opened Thousand Lakes Lodge at Lake Augusta. On arrival at the dam wall at Lake Augusta we discovered that Parks had not yet opened the boom gate below the spill way. We turned our vehicle around and drove back to the Thousand Lakes Lodge, checked in for the night's accommodation and met our friendly hosts for the night, Marcus & Lynette. We were offered the use of a mountain bike each to ride to the Lake Ada Car park and then commence our planned walk. With a very strong and chilly wind blowing we rode the bikes across the dam walk getting drenched by the water spray from the lake and leaning our bikes into the wind to remain upright. Carrying our bikes around the boom gate and riding on towards the spillway we soon discovered the reason for the boom gate being closed - water flowing across the road and had been for some time, the water depth indicated, quite a lot of the road had been washed away. End of plan one.

Thousand Lakes Lodge - water on road
Thousand Lakes Lodge - bike ride

Back at the lodge we returned the mountain bikes and plan two came into operation. 

A hike to see Allisons Hut with its recently repaired chimney. We followed the old 4WD track, taking off our gaiters, boots and socks for the first creek crossing and pushing on to the Ouse River some 90 minutes further on. The Ouse River was flowing very fast and quite deep, so with only about a kilometre to go to reach the hut, we decided to find a sheltered spot, eat our pre-packed lunch and to then return to the warm fireplace and great company at the Thousand Lakes Lodge. Our hosts welcomed us back with a glass of champagne and we enjoyed the glowing warmth from the giant fireplace (the best way to finish any hike). Relaxing in one of the luxurious leather couches with the now warm sun shining though the windows, choosing a record from the vinyl LP collection from 50s & 60s, putting together the 1000 piece jigsaw, reading a magazine or book or joining in the conversation with our most welcoming hosts and fellow guests, were all options we had for the remainder of the afternoon. At the end of the day, we enjoyed a sumptious three course meal and a cosy bed. We will be back to attempt both option one and two again.

Thousand Lakes Lodge - Ouse River
Thousand Lakes Lodge - by the fire

We certainly recommend starting or finishing your hiking experience in this beautiful alpine country with a stay at the Thousand Lakes Lodge.

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