Recent customer reviews, direct from our onsite book;


Thousand Lakes Lodge was a wonderful finale to our Tasmanian holiday.....

Jamie and Alistair are great hosts and made us feel very welcome. Hope we can return one day.

Ian and Leigh - Maryborough, QLD



Thanks for the hospitality Alistair and Jamie.....

TLL is another of Tassie's amazing gems and it was a pleasure to spend time here. Very relaxing and unique.

Annie and Chris



We've had a truly AMAZING two nights here! Could easily spend longer......

We knew we'd have a unique experience here in the Central Highlands, but didn't know just how easily we'd settle in to the comforts provided. Our heartfelt thanks to Jamie and Alistair for making our mini-break PERFECT. Also a warm thanks to Si for an impromptu nocturnal tour and advice on areas to walk. Walking highlight was the Carter Lakes circuit. Thanks Si for the taped route. Highly recommended!

Robyn and Malcolm



Just a brief stopover while cycling through Tasmania.....

Sensational meals, very unique.

The Country Cyclists - Dubbo, NSW



Thanks so much.....

To Alistair and his colleague, The House Ninja, who made our stay at this unique and lovey lodge memorable. Hope to come back soon!!!

Catherine and Irving



Thousand Lakes Lodge.....

Such and amazing place - one of a kind. Perfect get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. We loved our 3 hour bike ride and said hello to 3 Wombats on the way - WOW!! Thank you to Jamie and Alistair for a fabulous stay. We'll be back.

Lara and Will - Londoners living in Sydney



We feel so incredibly privileged to have experienced this place during our babymoon!

Such beautiful memories of days spent reading cuddle up on the sofa with the fire roaring while it snowed, shone with sun, and everything in between outside. Thank you to Jamie and Alistair for making us feel so welcome and at home in this incredible and uniwue place. Our baby (we're sure) has loved it too!! Best wishes.

Maddy and Steve - Fairlight, NSW



WOW! What an amazing place.....

We enjoyed our walk and the icy weather. The food was great. A big thank you to Jamie and Alistair for being such fantastic hosts! We will definitely be back. Thank you very much!

Gavin and Hermie - Bunbury, WA



Thoroughly enjoyed the relaxed atmoshpere......

A great stay - exploring surrounding areas, enjoying the food and sampling the bar. Massive thanks to Jamie and Alistair for making our stay super awesome!

Marke and Lori - Launceston



Felt like being spoilt.....

While being allowed to wear our ugg boots, jarmies and to fall asleep watching a movie. The boys and I loved the wildlife so close by. Thanks for looking after us so well.

Deby, Lachy and Paddy



Thank you Jamie and Alistair....

For such a truly wonderful stay at Thousand Lakes Lodge. It really is a unique experience and one we will remember forever. Cheers

Dale and Amy



Thank you sooo much for an amazing time.....

The snow, the food, the setting, the atmosphere - Beautiful creation 'All around!!' Smile.




We arrived and both of us exclaimed "WOW"

The service is fantastic, the venue is amazing. We will be back. The idea of a yearly wedding anniversary sounds GREAT!

Allan Torrents - Poatina, TAS



What an amazing place to truely relax and unwind....

Thousand Lakes Lodge is like no other place and leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Thank you so much for being great hosts and I truely can't wait to be back here again.

Renata - Verona Sands, TAS



Thank you Alistair and Jamie for a wonderful experience at this amazing hidden treasure......

Myself and my bridesmaid had a wonderful time, a chance to truely relax and unwind. You are both great hosts and we each plan to return with our husbands.

Chenna - Woodbridge, TAS



Thank you Alistair and Jamie......

You are wonderful hosts in an amazing and unique place. All the best for you both.

Tanya, Patrick and Lissie



Thank You both......

For the warm welcome of this highly remarkable and beautiful place!

Christain and Carolyn - Belgium



What a beautiful sanctuary.....

This place soothes the soul. Thanks Jamie and Alistair for making our stay so enjoyable!

Tom and Rach - Perth, WA



Many thanks Alistair and Jamie for a great stay.....

You do a wonderful job of running "the show". So glad to have found this little piece of paradise. Keep doing what you do so well. All the best.

Barbara and Andrew - Bicheno



We only stayed one night but wish we had done longer...

The lodge is cosy/comfy and everything you could want to come into out of the cold. Highly recommend to everyone looking to explore this unique countryside.

Andrew and Sarah - Brisbane



What a perfect place to enjoy the snow......

We were lucky enough to get the whole lodge to ourselves which made  for a very special few days. Love the relaxed feel - especially the bar and larder. We felt so at home being able to help ourselves whenever we wanted. Tasmania is such a unique place and Thousand Lakes Lodge adds to our wonderful array of attractions.

Sam and Greer - Launceston



A beautiful place to stay so close to home.....

Thank you Alistair and Jamie for you hospitality, we will be back. P.s. We got snow too (and wombats).

Michael and Dan - Launceston



Incredible spot....

What a way to begin our little holiday in Tassy! Thank you for your hospitality and care. A windy winter wonderland.

Fi and Mike



What a little slice of heaven.....

And waking up to snow was the icing on the cake. Alistair and Jamie, you guys are absolutely fabulous. Safe travels

Rob and Lisa



We had a lovely time at Thousand Lakes Lodge.....

Such a beautiful setting and snow! We took a walk out to Double Lagoon and were lucky enough to see 2 wombats! Thanks Jamie and Alistair - you guys are great hosts!

Nikki and Gerard



Beautiful, relaxing time away.....

Magical atmosphere. Thank you.

Michelle and Glen



What great work you two do in welcoming and caring for your guests......

Thank you for looking after us (we needed it!) and for your time taken to share your stories and insights on the place. All the best 'Thousand Lakes Lodge' staff, and especially to Alistair and Jamie. P.s. We got snow!!!

Catherine and Roland



Every detail of the lodge is so considered........

It has an artist's touch, set in the wilderness takes your soul to another place. Jamie was so welcoming, supportive of needs and gave us insight into the history and development of this project. Whilst Alistair was not on duty we get a sense that these two managers are very skilled and sensitive with the care of their guests. Thank you.

Jan and Michael - Yea, Victoria



Thank you for such a relaxing and cosy warm winter getaway.....

Everything was perfect and we would definitely like to come back again some day. The snowy landscape and starry night skies could not have been more brilliant! We will definitely recommend you to our friends and family.

Zac and Suny




Such an amazing place - landscape is from another world and the lodge is brilliant. So homely, relaxing and comfortable and made all the more so by Jamie and Alistair - you two alternatively blend into the background, anticipate your guests needs and engage in informative and entertaining conversation! Thank you :).

Jules and Scott - Brisbane, QLD



Absolutely loved staying at the lodge.....

We woke up to a white winterland outside and the sun was shining. After dinner we enjoyed relaxing in the lounge on those amazing couches, we will definitely be back.

Sarah and Blake Elphinstone - Somerset, TAS



What an amazing place.....

Made all the more special by the relaxed and warm hospitality of Jamie and Alistair. We've never in 20 years of travelling seen such huge snow flakes as we saw this morning. Thanks for all your help and understanding with our little patient. See you again soon.

Julian, Mahala and Margot



Loved staying here....

It was wonderful, quiet and relaxing. Our little family enjoyed it.

Hendrick, Alannah, Londyn and Mason - Smithton TAS



Thanks Jamie and Alistair for the welcome and hospitality........

We've fallen in love with the lodge, it's vibe, warmth and of course the surrounds. A great way to spend a few days, wish it was more! But we'll be back!

Kaitlin and Matt - Launceston



Absolutely loved the vibe of this place....

Kudos to everyone who has put it together so well. Alistair and Jamie you both add immensely to the relaxed atmosphere here and we hope all goes well so we can come back time and time again to R&R. Next time we will bring a crowd ;). Cheers

George, Andy and Ellie




Thanks Jamie and Alistair!

Your service was impeccable and we felt very welcome! Would have loved to stay longer! We'll have to come back! We'll certainly be telling all our friends. Malteasers were such a treat!

Alison and John - Launceston



Sadly our time at beautiful Thousand Lakes Lodge has come to an end.....

I'm so pleased we finished our week on the island here and 3 nights was just perfect to fully explore the region and enjoy 'lodge time'. Thanks to Jamie and Alistair for being amazing hosts, nothing was too much trouble and the food was delightful. I don't want to leave this beautiful wilderness but I look forward to waving your flag in Melbourne and telling people about this wonderful place. Thanks very much!

Helen, Simon, Abby, and Sam Clark - Melbourne



Loved staying here.....

Sometimes we would have adventure days and sometimes we would have chillax days. We had fun no matter what!

Abby Clark - Melbourne



No need to repeat what all the other guests have written....

It is all true. We were impressed with all the information about the lodge and surrounding environment that Jamie has learnt in his short time here. All the very best for the future of such a unique investment.

Cathie Alsford - Longford



Great drive to the lodge....

Perfect little get away for the night during our honeymoon in Tasmania. Very cosy. Thank you very much for our stay.

Sean and Alix Jasperson - Rockhampton, QLD



Wonderful hospitality from Jamie and Alistair.....

An amazing place we will never forget. our thanks to Lynette; we will spread the word!!! A very big thank you.

Cheryl, David and Maria Shelverton - Hobart



Fabulous escape from the real world....

Perfect for that much needed R&R. Hosts incredible, beds are amazing and the wine.....

Ross and Lucy - Sandy Bay



Thanks Jamie and Alistair for making this stay so wonderful.




We had a fantastic and relaxing time here.....

Thoroughly enjoyed the warm, rustic cosiness of the lodge as well as the spectacular scenery outside. Thank you for you warm hospitality, Alistair and Jamie. Hope to be back.

Yoke and Conna - Sydney/Canada



A real "pleasure" and retreat.....

Margot Smart, with family and friends, are enjoying a special weekend at 1000 Lakes (Bernacchi) Lodge. We have been warmly welcomed. A real "pleasure" and retreat.

Margot Smart, family and friends



Such a beautiful and unique place!

Thank you for the warm hospitality :).

Alice and Dan



A beautiful place to relax and recharge.....

We had a wonderful time and were well looked after by the lovely Alistair and Jamie. Thank you for your hospitality.

Kate, Jason, Maddie and Alfie - Hobart




Amazing weekend spent here attending a Yoga Winter Wellness Retreat. Perfect location, lovely food and wonderful service. A mix of 16 ladies and Mascha, our Yoga teacher. WONDERFUL WEEKEND!!!

Trudi, Ros, Kama, Carmen and Libby




Fantastic hosts. We'll be back. Cheers guys.

Rog and Mary Spinks - Smithton TAS



A wonderful, relaxing stay in this amazing place!

Well done on everything! And thank you Alistair and Jamie for looking after us so well. You are doing a great job! Hope to be back.

Terry and Fiona Horan



What a beautiful, tranquil place to stay.....

Wonderful to get away from the 'rat race'. Thank you.

Andy and Andrew



A wonderful place to get away from it all....

Great set up with great hosts. Jamie and Alistair really make it home from home. I have a feeling we will be back. All the best for the coming season! P.s. Only if there is bacon!!! (Stan)

Kate and Stan



Wonderful building in an amazing setting.....

Food and company was 'the best'..... Jamie and Alistair, thank you for looking after us. Kind Regards

Belinda and Andrew - Kindred



What an amazing place to come and stay....

Great food, great company, great setting. Thank you for making our stay very relaxing and enjoyable! We will be back!

Catherine and Matt - Hobart



Fabulous place to stay....

Truly in the wilderness. Jamie and Alistair.... You looked after us so attentively... Many thanks! We loved exploring this part of the world... Experiencing the wild, enjoying the fire, the wine and the food... And those beds.... Take care and thank you!

Mark and Helen - Brisbane



An amazing place.....

Our first visit to Tasmania. Your lodge is beautiful and the surrounding landscape is harsh yet beautiful. We enjoyed exploring the surrounds, saw a wallaby, wombat, quall and rabbits. While our husbands fished, we stayed warm and comfy in your lodge. A peaceful comfortable place and we were well taken care of. Thank you Alistair and Jamie. Also thanks for the recommendation, we were fascinated by "The Wall". P.s. Loved listening to the old vinyl.

Pete and Janet - Mississippi




Wonderful part of the world to stay at.....

The lodge was amazing and understanding the history of the lodge and surroundings was fabulous. We were looked after extremely well by Jason, with great food and service! Managed an explore in the wilderness before the weather changed. Kind Regards

John and Michelle



An amazing escape from the rat race!

We spent the long weekend embracing this marvellous experience. Stunning landscapes, peace and quiet, fun on the E-bikes and fine food and wine! Above all, a most hospitable host in Jason. Interesting, helpful and a great chef! Many thanks, Jason and we will wish you well.

Mark Newman and Karen Rogers



A memorable, relaxing and interesting weekend.....

What an amazing few days in this fascinating piece of Tasmania. It is an enormous credit to the group of investors who have restored this important part of Australian history. My sincere thanks to Jason for making a memorable, relaxing and interesting weekend. Best Regards.

Michael Bouchier



What an experience!

Thank you Bill, Jason, Ambrose. A part of Australia we have never seen. Wonderful.

Bill Elaine Dyson - Ulverstone

Lionel Gillman and Wendy - NSW

Ray and Isabel Dunston - VIC



What a relaxing and magical lodge.....

Thanks for looking after us Jason. You are a great host. Thanks for turning on the snow machines for us :). We had a wonderful time celebrating our mother's 70th birthday.

The O'Connor Family - Launceston



The lodge is fantastic.....

Thank you Jason for making our stay at the lodge such a great time. The lodge is fantastic, warm and very comfortable. Can't wait to come back. Amazing great food.

Jill and Ricky - Hobart



Getting caught in a snow "storm"......

Thank you for a lovely two night stay in such a cosy and comfortable lodge. Jason was a fantastic host. Getting caught in a snow "storm" on the E-bikes was brilliant fun, if not a little cold. But the absolute highlight was seeing our first wild Tassie Devil!!

Laura and Dave - Launceston/UK



Welcoming / cosy / relaxing.....

Fabulous atmosphere, great place, wilderness perfection. Look forward to coming again. Thanks Jason.

Bernadette and Wayne



In the middle of Tasmania.....

To find this amazingly comfortable establishment, with Jo to look after us and interesting people to meet and chat with over a glass of wine. Thanks.

Leah and Jen - Taroona



Very relaxing.....

We have only just arrived, sorry it's only for the one night. Thank you Jason, a wonderful host, great chef and entertainer. Very relaxing. Look forward to our next visit.

Peter and Adele - Launceston



Jo's first night going solo.....

And it was amazing! Just the right amount of being looked after and left alone to chill out. Thank you for a lovely time! We can't wait to come back.

Ryan and Veronica



What a privilege.....

An amazing place within an amazing place! To be visited again. Many thanks to everyone here :)




A lovely time with good friends.....

Some Melbourne, some locals. Whisky, gin and wine loosened the tongues and we had a lot of fun. Accommodation and food (Beef Cheeks) were outstanding and the host, Jason, is always eager to help with anything. He even regaled us with his very cool circular didgeridoo. P.s. Even caught a fish in very foul weather.

Mike and Jules Stevens



Such a pity to only stay one night!

Would love to have hung out in the living room and just relaxed after a hectic schedule of touring. Managed a walk around the Lake Ada to the lagoon in beautiful weather. A most enjoyable evening with other guests. Thank you Jason.



A remote retreat....

In the roughish wild of Tasmania, where pure nature is everywhere outside and pure holiday everywhere inside. Our host Jason is giving this place it's soul. We enjoyed every bit of our stay.

Tim and Julia - Melbourne



Amazing Place!

The wilderness and isolation is exactly what we were after. Jason is a wonderful host - knowledgeable and friendly and an amazing chef! Will definitely return and tell all our friends about it!

Sarah and Toby - Brisbane



Roaming the wilderness....

Then returning to the comfort of the lodge is simply amazing! Thank you for a wonderful stay.

Annie - Sydney



Enjoyed every bit of it......

Very unique experience for city dwellers like us to stay in the Central Plateau. Enjoyed every minute of it. Coupled with friendly reception by Jason, Thousand Lakes Lodge is a "must visit" if you want to visit Australia! Cheers.

Sylvia Teng - Singapore




We'll be back

Tanya and Peter - Hobart



Wonderful place!

Stunning location, excellent food and warm hospitality. Thoughtful, tasty 'dangerous' larder - love the honour/self-serve system and attention to detail. We had a lovely time in an amazing part of the world. Thanks Lynette! We'll be back.

Jade and Rose - SA



This stay was not long enough....

Thank you so much Jason. We hope to be back soon...

Hugh and Coreena



A great experience in the Central Highlands.....

The lodge is a great renovation of an unused building. All the comforts in a remote location. Food and hospitality provided by Jason add greatly to the welcoming ambience of Thousand Lakes Lodge. Congratulations.

Peter and Maureen - Sydney



Thank you Jason for an amazing experience!

One of the nicest places we have ever stayed and we feel like royalty here. Great environment, food, company and scenery. So relaxing! Thanks again.

Brad and Melanie -NSW



What an amazing experience....

An absolutely beautiful place. So much to do and see. Lovely walks and wildlife. Jason you made us feel very at home in a lovely relaxed atmosphere. Great food! Would love to come back in winter. Thank you

Rod and Fiona - Hobart



Loved the history and terrain.....

Accommodation and meals great. Jason an entertaining host. Tx

Ricky - Canada



Loved the beauty of this place.....

Feels like a little escape in the middle of nowhere. Jason was a great host, super organized and friendly. Great views and food as well! Would def come back!!

Leah - United States (PA)



Loved every minute of the stay....

It was cold outside which made inside even more special. Thank you Jason for the entertainment, lovely meal and spacious beds. We even got to see a Devil outside. A clear night and the heavens put on a dazzling display. An astronomers paradise if the weather plays fair. Thank you again

Trevor, Phillipa and Joan Fafeita



Well worth the drive!

An ideal place to get away to celebrate my husbands 50th birthday. Quiet and peaceful and a place to unwind. Hospitality and food both great by Jason. Well worth the drive! Thank you

Sharon & Chris Wells - Ulverstone



A very special experience...

Thank you Jason for your gracious hospitality, warmth and fine cooking!! We very much enjoyed a very special experience at Thousand Lakes Lodge and hope to return.

Chrisa & Kerryn Marks



This place has it all.....

A very special, remote location, great food and drinks, clean and comfy rooms. We've enjoyed our stay at Thousand Lakes Lodge a lot! Special thanks to Jason for the warm welcome, the great explanations of the history of this lodge, for preparing the delicious food and for giving us advice on how and where to explore the area the best. We'll certainly recommend the lodge to everyone travelling to Tasmania and wish all of the team much success in the future.

Marco & Michael - Vienna, Asutralia



What an amazing experience......

Thank you Lynette for looking after us well and thank you Marcos for saying Hi. You have created an absolute gem in this place and I can't speak highly enough of it. Had a fantastic time that I'll remember for a long, long time. 

Dave Ainsworth - Birdwood, South Australia



Had a fantastic time.....

Lynette was an amazing host. Beautiful wildlife, and so very very peaceful and serene. Thank you also to Marcos for taking the time to talk to us and sign a photo of us.

Sheree Ainsworth - Birdwood, South Australia



Truly amazing place......

So peaceful and relaxing, want to come back in the winter and perhaps experience snow! Thanks to Jason, great host and wonderful food and wine. Playing the old vinyl records was also fun.

Mary - Melbourne, VIC



A great place to escape the rat race......

Those rats would never be able to find their way here! But, you're not getting away from it all...... because here you find a different kind of "all".... Peace, timelessness, contemplation, stark yet weirdly beautiful landscapes, and resilience plus survival on display. A longer stay would be great and we hope we can come back. Special mention to the hospitality of Jason. Everything was great and all done unobtrusively. 

Peter and Beth



Wonderful facility......

Lasagna supper was great and the salad (with tangy dressing) - amazing. Wish I could stay longer.

Rich Unger - Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada



We loved the peacefulness.....

Thank you Lynette, for looking after us so well after our torturous walk on the Mt Anne Circuit in the SW Wilderness. We loved the peacefulness of Thousand Lakes Lodge. Well done Marcos! 

Leigh and Dimity - Devonport



Lynette was a perfect host.....

Thousand Lakes Lodge has been a beautiful place to experience the Central Plains of Tasmania. I appreciate the hospitality! 

John Hildreth - Austin, Texas, USA



What an amazingly peaceful and beautiful place......

Raw tranquility and imposing silence, rounded off with a place to come home to in the evening that combines warmth, light and great food with diverse company. I'm stimulated and relaxed - quite delightful. I'll be back... Thank you.

Meaghan - Queanbeyan, NSW



Thank you Jason for your wonderful hospitality.....

This is now my second visit after experiencing this wonderful place in late December. I just had to come back and experience it again before heading back to the mainland. I'll be back!!! 

Janet Scott - Canberra, ACT



The hospitality was perfect.....

What a perfect place to get away and forget about the daily grind. Wonderful environment within the lodge and outside the lodge the landscape is beautiful. Jason - thank you for your wonderful meals.

Mersedeh and Theo



What a bleakly beautiful part of the world!

And so many trout waters to choose from.... I want to come back when the weather is a tad kinder and watch big brownies cruising like sharks over these silty lake beds. great spot, great digs. Cheers and tight lines,

Steve Starling



There is magic and wonder to be taken from every window.......

 of Thousand Lakes Lodge! Such a homely, warm and stylish haven nestled gently in a most striking landscape. I've found so many plants and insects that I've never seen fact, I couldn't have imagined some of them! What an inspirational destination! And throw great fishing in to the mix for the ultimate trout-chaser's dream destination! What an adventure! I'll be back. Thank you, Jason, for your hospitality. 




Incredibly relaxing and lovely hospitality

We had an absolutely wonderful stay - Many thanks to Jason who was so welcoming and gave us a lovely Christmas. We will be back. 

Kiersten, High, Zac and Edie



This is a unique and wonderful living experience in my life.....

I traveled with two other girls for celebrating our graduation. I searched this lodge on instagram and i was amazed by the fantastic picture, then decided to book it without any hesitation!!!  To be honest, we were a bit excited and scared when driving here coz we didn't see many people and houses. Until we met a lot of wallabies and wombats; we were just super happy!!!   We felt so warm here because of the hospitality and decoration. Thousand Lakes Lodge is just cool !!! We are lucky to stay in such a new accommodation.  This lodge is successful and we hope it can overcome all difficulties to welcome guests from all around the world! 

Gretta Mao



Comfortable and welcoming ......

Credit to owners for the concept and development of this site in the western lakes. Building is comfortable and welcoming and does not intrude on the wilderness environment. Thank you Jason, your friendly welcome, and attention to all guests is greatly appreciated. We certainly will encourage friends to visit and hope to return. 

John and Julie Bothman - Hobart



Warm and hospitable....

What a credit to Ambrose and his team to revitalize this building into what it is now. It's now a warm and hospitable haven in our wonderful wilderness Tasmania. 

Kaylene and Malcom



The chance to stop and breathe......

Thank you for a wonderful and relaxing couple of nights away. We really felt we were in the middle of nowhere and had the chance to stop and breathe at the end of a lousy year. Jason was a great host. Couldn't have asked for anything more. Wishing success for the future. 

Sarah and Mac - Windemere, TAS 



What a lovely place! 

So thrilled to have had the opportunity to come here. Would love to come again. 5 stars.

Mari Probert - Wales, UK



What an amazing place to stay....

Thank you so much for an enjoyable last night in the Central Highlands. What an amazing place to stay! Such a great transformation from the run down old building we explored 5 years ago! Fantastic food and can highly recommend a cocobean milk chocolate melt before bed. Hopefully we will be back to stay again, but meanwhile will highly recommend to others. 

Josh and Jordie - Liawenee



Thank you Jason .......

for your fantastic hospitality and making us feel so welcome and comfortable! Fabulous destination for a city getaway. The food was amazing and so filling. We hope to be back again soon!  

Tim and Emma - Sydney



Luxury in the middle of nowhere......

We loved spending our weekend up here, exploring such an isolated but beautiful and peaceful place. Jason greeted us as we arrived and made us feel like we were home. The facilities are terrific, food so tasty and the service was incredible. Thank you Jason for a great relaxing break. We will be back one day.

Neil and Rhianna Booth - Hobart



Fly fishing was top of my husband's bucket list......

What better place to experience this than Thousand Lakes Lodge.  We had a wonderful two days.  The accommodation was great and we both thoroughly enjoyed our casting lesson and afternoon fishing on the lake. Even caught a rainbow trout. We hope Thousand Lakes Lodge goes from strength to strength. We shall certainly recommend it to our friends. 

Joan, Tony Paige - Noosa, Queensland.



Wow, what an absolute magical spot.......

from the moment you walk through the doors, you feel so welcome, a home away from home feeling that just gets you. The magestic view from every angle; there is no area of this place that just doesn't give you a surreal feeling. Food and hospitality is amazing, nothing was too hard, it was just easy. Beautiful surrounds, warmth of the fires, makes you feel at home. Congratulations Marcos and team, you can feel the heart, the magic of this spot, you all have done an amazing job, clearly dedicated people who add so much to this wonderful world. We will be back, you really need 2 to 3 days to do this place justice, we are in awe of your most dedicated project. Thank you so much, we both wish yo a world of success, much respect.

 Nicole Miller and Robert Oppedisano - Burleigh Heads , Gold Coast.  When you're on the Coast - we welcome you - Amazing!  


15/11/2016 -

Very welcoming and homely atmosphere.......

Very welcoming and homely atmosphere, brilliant place for us to relax and unwind, especially when we had the night to ourselves. Brilliant food, we will be back again. Thank you so much!

Greg and Wendy

14/11/2016 -

Thank you for a wonderful four days......

Thank you for a wonderful four days. We are really amazed that you saved this wonderful building and renovated it so well. It is very comfortable and welcoming. We were especially impressed by the rack fondue. Great stuff! Five stars.

Helen & Mark    

7/11/2016 -

We loved every moment of our stay.......

An astonishing place of natural beauty. The Lodge has such a cosy and inviting atmosphere. We loved every moment of our stay.

Adrian & Melissa

31/10/2016 -

Thank you.......

Tranquil, beautiful a “grand designs” lodge that we all appreciated.
Thank you!                    

Jess Fletcher