Things to do at Thousand Lakes Wilderness Lodge

Thousand Lakes Wilderness Lodge is your base for exploring the Central Highlands of Tasmania

Thousand Lakes Wilderness Lodge is the gateway to your Tasmanian Central Highland and World Heritage Area wilderness experience, whether you walk, fish, bird watch, are relaxing, or escaping, your senses will be a buzz.  Smell the crisp air, feel spongy moss underfoot, taste the fresh stream water touch the ancient dolerite boulders and see the wildlife and ever changing weather.

E-bike Adventures

Explore the western lakes of the Central Plateau World Heritage area on our off road e-bikes. Also known as “Fat Bikes,” they are the perfect way to unleash your adventurous spirit whilst still enjoy the comfort of a luxury spring seat and full front suspension. One of the benefits of e-bikes is they can roll over any terrain in the wilderness: sand, loose rocks, even snow and are adjustable to suits all fitness levels. The rider always has complete control over how much pedal power is provided and how much the e-bike system contributes. If you are going up a hill or feeling a little tired – no problem, just pedal less and dial up the power!

We have everything you need for day out in the wilderness. Another feature of the e-bikes is they have a pack rack for easy storage, perfect for our picnic packs. With no engine noise, it will be just you and nature as you explore the many roads and tracks of the area. Even load up your fishing gear and get to places you couldn’t by car or foot alone. Beat the boom gate! For those who know the area, no longer will you be hindered by the boom gate, all year-round access!

Features: nine speed settings with full front suspension, luxury spring seats, 26 inch off road tyres, battery powered 250w/36v motor, rear Pack Rack. The battery life of the bike lasts for approximately 50km range, or one full day use on a single battery.

You can hire the e-bikes for 4 hours or a full day ($55 and $85 respectively) or book a Lodge Explorer Room + e-bikes from $295. Book Now

 e-bike: Is a bike that can be powered by electricity as well as propelled by pedals.


The World Heritage is area defined as a free-walking zone, so you are not confined to boardwalks or set trails, you are free to explore and discover as much or as little the of the Central highlands and make them your own. 

Tasmania is world renowned for its bushwalking trails, wilderness and pristine natural assets.  The Thousand Lakes Wilderness Lodge is the ideal location to base yourself to explore and experience this unique wilderness.

Whether you walk and explore for 30 minutes or the whole day, Thousand Lakes Wilderness Lodge will welcome you with comfortable surroundings, warmth and a rewarding drink or hearty meal.  For those longer expeditions we will provide a packed or picnic lunch.

Over the coming months we will introduce some guided walks of varying duration.  Here's a walk we recently did to Bernes Valley.

Thousand Lakes Lodge - wombat
Thousand Lakes Lodge Spotted Quoll
Thousand Lakes Lodge - wallaby
Thousand Lakes Lodge - white lipped snake
Thousand Lakes Lodge - yellow tailed black cockatoo


There's an abundance of wildlife and flora in the Western Lakes. Twilight is nature's cue for animals to rightfully claim the surrounding area as theirs; at ground level you'll see Spotted-Tail Quolls, Wombats, Wallabies, Ringtail Possums,  and Long-Nosed Potoroos just to name a few.

During the day if you look above, you might catch a glimpse of a yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo and not so common but still calling the Central Highlands home are Swift Parrots and the majestic Tasmanian Wedge Tailed Eagle.

At ground level, scurrying or slinking on the ground there are lizards the most common being the Mountain Dragon or Northern Snow Skink and yes, we have our fair share of snakes although they are very shy.

Thousand Lakes Lodge - trout fishing
Thousand Lakes Lodge - trout fishing by boat
Trout Fishing Central Highlands
Thousand Lakes Lodge - trout fishing evening


If fishing is your passion or you want to experience catching your first Tasmanian fighting trout, you have the choice of a Thousand Lakes to try your luck in Australia’s premier wild trout fishery.

Tasmania's wild brown trout from the Western Lakes area are arguably the purest strain in the world, given Tasmania remains disease free and has ample water supply to feed our lakes and waterways.  They are known to be cunning and full of fight to test the most experienced angler.

You can bring your own equipment or we can kit you out.  We're happy to give some insider tips to where fish have been biting.

Many of the larger lakes have access to launch your boat as well.

We offer a range of guided fishing packages with Tasmania's best trout fishing guides including Christopher Bassano and his guiding team.

Thousand Lakes Lodge - short walk
THousand Lakes Lodge - MTB
Thousand Lakes Lodge 4WDing

Recreational exploring

If cycling, boating, 4 wheel driving or just exploring is your passion then the Thousand Lakes wilderness area will appeal to your adventurous side. The Central Highlands offer fantastic terrain that will take you through amazing scenery. Embark on an exciting off road adventure, explore old cattle trails, across rivers, up steep hills, past old fishing huts and around many other exciting places.

'Lodge Life'

Thousand Lakes Wilderness Lodge is the perfect place to relax, unwind and escape.  Step outside and on a calm day and the quietness will amaze you. Inside you can sit with a book in front of the roaring fire, gaze outside and watch the world go by.

Once guests have settled in to their rooms, we often see them retreat to one of our luxurious couches in one of our lounge rooms; some read, some stare out the windows, some engage in conversation but quite a number slip into lodge life and have a nap.

Although we have mobile coverage, if you want to disconnect from the world completely, we will gladly look after your mobile phone and other devices, so you can have a digital detox!